At Smith's Mowing we pride ourselves on providing the most professional and reliable services in the area.  We work hard to maintain your garden according to your specifications.

Our services include but are not limited to:

Lawn Maintenance
- Mowing.
- Edging.

High Pressure Cleaning
- Put some life back into your home.
- Clean's driveways and path's.
- Brick's.
- Sandstone.
- Removes mould and dirt.
Plus lots more..

- If you are moving or just
want the place looking it's best.
- We can remove all rubbish,
cut the grass, weed the garden's,
clean the path's / driveway and trim the trees.
- Let Smith's Mowing take care of everything,
so you have time for all the important stuff.

Stump Grinding
- Our stump grinder can go where most cant!
Our very portable grinder can access those hard to reach
stumps that other companys cant fit their bulky machines in.
- Call for a free Quote! And get rid of those ugly Hazardous                  stumps!

- Mulching.
- Weeding.
- Shrub Pruning.
- Trimming / Hedging.
- Weed Spray.
- Fertilising.

Waste Removal
- Green waste, Rubbish, Furniture, Building Materials etc..

Tree Removal
- Free Quote's Call Now.

Stump Removal
- If grinding is not enough we can dig the stump out. Free                      Quote's Call Now.

Weed spray
- We can kill the Weeds and Grasses growing through your                  paths and any place's they arent wanted.

- Applying Fertilizers to Shrubs
- Ground Covers
- Lawns

And Much More!

We can also arrange to come as frequently as you'd like.

Our prices vary depending on the size of yard and type of work requested. 

Call us NOW on 0422224301 or email for a Free Quote.

"A name you           can trust"

The job Smiths Mowing did for me was phenomenal.     I couldn't be happier and have recommended this business to all my friends.

FULLY INSURED - Peace of mind